Sean Evans Reveals the Season 16 Hot Sauce Lineup

Hot Ones’ hotly anticipated 16th season is here! In the Hot Ones Season 16 lineup reveal, host Sean Evans introduces the newest hot sauces to grace the wings of doom on the YouTube series with hot questions and even hotter wings. Sean explains that this season’s lineup is a symphony of spice, leading celebrities on a journey of unique flavors, tasty chilis, and a whole lot of heat. 

Starting things off is Hot Ones’ very own The Classic “Blue Label,” which has become a fan favorite since its initiation in Hot Ones Season 12. Sean blows a *chef’s kiss* to this mild and tangy sauce, with extra garlic oomph compared to its red-labeled predecessor (not to worry - the classic The Classic is still available for purchase here)! 

Scoville Heat Units: 1,700 

Next up in the 2-spot is Yellowbird Hot Sauce’s Bliss and Vinegar. Sean’s been a fan of Yellowbird for years, ever since he tasted their Habanero sauce at a taco spot in Austin, TX. Sweet-tart strawberries and dates are balanced by tangy vinegar and rich coconut in this HEATONIST exclusive sauce.

Scoville Heat Units: 6,200

Sean gives it a swish of the net before introducing Hoff & Pepper’s Haus Sauce, a smoky, sweet, dilly, mustard-based sauce that Sean describes as Oktoberfest meets Southern BBQ vibes. 

Scoville Heat Units: 14,500

Also returning for Season 16 is Hot Ones Los Calientes Verde! The OG Los Calientes, the sauce Sean dubbed the “sauce of summer all year long.” With tomatillos and smoked serranos, it’s one of Hot Ones’ mostly highly rated sauces, and it’s not one you want to miss!

Scoville Heat Units: 36,000

Sean goes on to introduce a newcomer to the Hot Ones lineup, Hot Heads Revolutionary, in the 5 spot. It brings Buffalo sauce vibes that Sean notes would make Camera Guy Bill proud. With fire roasted red peppers and an unmistakable tang, plus Scorpion Pepper heat, it’s a savory and spicy #5 sauce.

Scoville Heat Units: 57,000

At number 6, Sean introduces Señor Lechuga’s .718, which combines delicious guajillo and pasilla peppers with black lime, plus ghost pepper for a delayed heat that lets celebrities know they’re entering the back half of the lineup.

Scoville Heat Units: 67,000

Enter Chile Lengua de Fuego’s Bhutila Fire, our first hot sauce from Honduras, in the 7 spot! Just like the name implies, Bhutila lights up the tongue with smoked scotch bonnets and Scorpion peppers, bringing the tropical heat. A portion of sales from this sauce go to protecting the coral reef off the Honduran coast! 

Scoville Heat Units: 118,000

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Moving on, Sean announces that Hellfire Hot Sauce has returned to the number 9 spot with Kranked, which turns up the volume on both heat and flavor thanks to Carolina Reaper peppers, curry powder and black garlic.

Scoville Heat Units: 699,000

Bringing celebrities over the finish line is The Last Dab: Apollo. As Sean says, “you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

Scoville Heat Units: 2,000,000+ 

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From the end card:

Truth Or Dab: The Game | Hot Ones
Truth Or Dab: The Game | Hot Ones
Truth Or Dab: The Game | Hot Ones
Truth Or Dab: The Game | Hot Ones
Truth Or Dab: The Game | Hot Ones
Truth Or Dab: The Game | Hot Ones

Put your friends and your heat tolerance to the test with Hot Ones Truth or Dab: The Game. The ultimate way to experience the show, you and your friends will be challenged to conquer friend trivia and tell hard truths, or face the wrath of The Last Dab.