Working at a hot sauce shop, we get asked, “What’s your favorite sauce?” a lot. Picking one can feel like choosing your favorite child. So we’re highlighting the sauces our staff members are digging in the moment, and sharing a little about how they’re using them. Bon sauce-etit!


I was actually a customer of the Brooklyn shop before I came to work at HEATONIST! I would stop by to get my fiery fix (mostly Secret Aardvark) and one day my boyfriend asked if they were hiring new sommeliers. The rest is spice history. Now I wear many hats but on any given day I'm coordinating retail staff, answering customer service questions or writing product copy. All my favorite sauces are either super smoky or super tart. I love a good hit of citrus!

Karma Sauce | Carnival, Heat: 7/10

The unexpected combination of thyme and mango gets me every time! It’s sweet with a little herbaceous finish with a decent amount of heat (enough to make my eyes water). I love this sauce on a shrimp taco.

Wiltshire Chili Farm | Trinidad Scorpion, Heat: 7/10

Personally, I don’t think Scorpion peppers get enough credit for being super hot and flavorful. Scorpion peppers have a bright, almost citrusy or floral flavor that I really enjoy in a simple sauce like this one. Awesome on wings! 

Popp Sauce | Paddy O’s Potion, Heat: 3/10

Paddy O’s is my go-to for a milder habanero sauce with tons of flavor. It has lots of savory garlic and onion, which makes it great on pizza. It’s also splashy thanks to vinegar and grapefruit, which I like as a substitute for dressing on salads.


I first started at HEATONIST around two and a half years ago as a sommelier at our Chelsea Market Outpost. Over the past couple years, I've packed boxes in our original warehouse in Brooklyn and now I help run logistics and operations. My favorite hot sauces are savory with mild-medium heat and add big flavor.

Dawson's | Cremini Habanero, Heat: 5/10

I love mushrooms and am a huge fan of any umami flavor. I put this one on my burgers to make them extra savory. I could use this all day every day!

Hellboy | Hot Sauce, Heat: 7/10

Hellboy is great when I need something on the higher end of the spice spectrum with savory notes. It has sun dried tomato and cumin, so I like to add it to my soups and stews.

Adoboloco | Maui No Ka Oi, 7/10

Maui is perfect for when I’m craving something vinegary and a little bit sweet. It adds great tang to sandwiches.


I've been with HEATONIST for five (five!!) years, almost since the beginning. I helped open our Williamsburg tasting room and Chelsea Market Outpost before transitioning to run marketing and social media. You can still catch me moonlighting at the shop once in a blue moon.  One of my must-haves in a hot sauce is versatility. I love using hot sauces as a condiment but also mixing it into marinades and salad dressings. I will lean towards less vinegary and a medium high heat but I truly can't live without Heatonist #4.

Hot Ones | Brain Burner, Heat: 8/10

Loving the fresh pepper flavors in this sauce! I add it into my garden salsas and light summer salads for that extra kick. 

Karma Sauce | Extreme Karma, Heat: 7/10

I'm a sucker for squash! So Extreme Karma, with its butternut squash, on grilled summer squash is squash-ception perfection. Another great option is mixing it into greek yogurt for a very easy and impressive dipping sauce. 

Humble House | Ancho & Morita, Heat: 2/10

This is my go-to for hummus, sandwiches, and grilled chicken. It’s slightly sweet and tangy, smokey and mild - a well balanced treasure that deserves to be squeezed!