Aka Miso Hot Sauce


Aka Miso Hot Sauce

by Bravado Spice Co


Hot Sauce Info

The Bravado boys are back with another Reaper sauce! This time, combined with Ghost Peppers for a lingering burn that builds. An umami bomb with funky aka miso flavor and tamari, Aka Miso also features Togarashi - a traditional Japanese pepper mix that’s commonly used to spice up sushi or grilled meats. Try this sauce in ramen, as a marinade for short ribs or in a flaming hot noodle bowl.

Ingredients: Ghost pepper, Carolina Reaper, rice wine vinegar, aka miso, tamari, sesame oil, togarashi, salt

Size: 5 fl oz

Tasting Notes

Heat 8 / 10
Fruit None
Garlic Medium
Sweet High
Smoke None
Salt None
Vinegar Medium


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