Ancho & Morita Hot Sauce


Ancho & Morita Hot Sauce

by Humble House


Hot Sauce Info

A new crowd favorite here at hot sauce HQ, the Humble House Ancho is a sauce that begs to be squeezed on everything. It's rich and smoky from the mild Morita pepper (a smoked red jalapeño) and slightly sweet from tamarind. This is a BBQ/hot sauce hybrid that works great on rice and beans and grilled meats. Or eggs. Or chicken. Or anything!

Ingredients: Aged tamarind chili paste (raisins, tamarind concentrate, gluten-free soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, Morita chile, ancho chile, kosher salt), vinegar, cane sugar, fresh garlic

Size: 10.4 fl oz

Tasting Notes

Heat 2 / 10
Fruit High
Garlic Low
Sweet Medium
Smoke High
Salt High
Vinegar Low


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