Mushroom Mayhem

by Torchbearer Sauces

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Mushroom Mayhem | Torchbearer Sauces
Mushroom Mayhem | Torchbearer Sauces
Mushroom Mayhem | Torchbearer Sauces

Hot Sauce Info

Who knew a vegan hot sauce could be so meaty? The fun guys at Torchbearer Sauces are back for Hot Ones Season 20 with a fungi-filled sauce that’s so savory, you’d swear there’s steak in it. Earthy dried shiitakes and portobellos provide the hit of umami, which is complimented by a habanero and Scorpion pepper combo for medium heat. This is a must-try on everything from steak to veggie burgers and tofu.

Ingredients: Red wine vinegar, tomato paste, water, habanero pepper, brown sugar, scorpion pepper, mandarin orange, horseradish, garlic, molasses, black pepper, salt, shiitake mushroom powder, portobello mushroom powder, allspice, paprika

Size: 5 fl oz

Tasting Notes

Heat 6 / 10
Fruit Low
Garlic Medium
Sweet Medium
Smoke Medium
Salt None
Vinegar Medium


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