Extra Mean Green Hot Sauce


Extra Mean Green Hot Sauce

by Puckerbutt Pepper Co


Hot Sauce Info

The invitingly green color of Smokin’ Ed’s latest hot sauce may send the wrong signal: this is no mild verde. From the diabolical mind of mad pepper scientist Smokin’ Ed Currie, this Pepper X and Apollo Pepper blend is not for the faint of heart. Taste-wise, it’s got everything you’d want in a verde: peppery and tart, high acid with a good hit of savory alliums. But you’ve been warned: using too much of this super-hot hot sauce could be enough to haunt even the toughest of chiliheads. That said, there’s no reason to shy away from making the attempt. We’d let the Pepper X and Apollo Pepper heat work its magic in a big batch of chili verde, white chicken chili or tortilla soup and expect delicious results!

Ingredients: Hot Green Pepper Mash (green chile peppers and vinegar), distilled vinegar, onions, garlic

Size: 5 fl oz

Tasting Notes

Heat 9 / 10
Fruit None
Garlic Low
Sweet Medium
Smoke None
Salt None
Vinegar Medium


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