Hot Ones Season 9 Heat Pack
Hot Ones Season 9 Heat Pack
Hot Ones Season 9 Heat Pack
Hot Ones Season 9 Heat Pack
Hot Ones Season 9 Heat Pack
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Hot Ones Season 9 Heat Pack

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Heading into the back 9, Hellfire Detroit's Habanero is a perfect relish consistency and will have you craving burgers and dogs all summer long. Our first sauce from across the pond, Wiltshire Chilli Farm's Trinidad Scorpion will get those tastebuds tingling right quick and have you searching for some fried food to get this jam on. Puckerbutt Pepper Co's Chocolate Plague features a whopping dose of Chocolate Douglah, a pepper known to make a first impression that lasts. Brace yourselves team, these sauces are not for the faint of heart.

Hell Fire Detroit | Habanero

Hellfire Detroit keeps things simple with a thick sauce that highlights the habanero pepper. Roasting them adds an element of bitterness, complimenting the fruity habanero peppers and the tang of the vinegar. Perfect for meats off the grill or a nice Dagwood sandwich! 

Ingredients: Fire roasted habanero, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, distilled water, olive oil

Size: 4oz

Wiltshire Chili Farm | Trinidad Scorpion

This hot sauce (or chili sauce as they call it across the pond) highlights the flavor and burn of the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper. Very few ingredients are used in this powerhouse so get ready to feel the sting right up front! Great mixed in to pasta sauces, or with french fries, and spicing up your favorite fried chicken. 

Ingredients: Cider, vinegar, sugar, scorpion chilli, red peppers, salt

Puckerbutt Pepper Co. | Chocolate Plague

More than 90% of each bottle of this sauce is pure Chocolate Bhutlah, a mysterious pepper whispered by some to be the world's hottest. This ferocious warrior pepper is a cross between the bhut jolokia (aka ghost pepper) and chocolate douglah, pairing the ghost pepper's sustained building heat with the immediate face shredding power of the douglah. The upshot is a pepper and sauce with the awesome flavor and heat profiles of two of the world's greats, unbeatable for heating up stews and kicking marinades to the moon. Or just eat some on a spoon if you like to get freaky.

Ingredients: Chocolate Butlah pepper mash (Chocolate Butlah peppers and vinegar) distilled vinegar, pepper powder


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