Summer Sauce Bouquet
Summer Sauce Bouquet
Summer Sauce Bouquet
Summer Sauce Bouquet
Summer Sauce Bouquet
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Summer Sauce Bouquet

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What better way to show someone your appreciation than with hot sauces they’ll reach for again and again? Great as a quarantine care package for a friend or yourself (hot sauce is self care, too), this gift set has three bottles that are beloved for their craveable flavors, easy-going heat levels and universal use for warm weather meals. Covering the sweet, herbaceous and smoky spectrums, they can be paired with everyone’s favorite summer foods. 

Humble House - Guajillo & Red Jalapeno: 

Ideal for the sriracha-lovers of the world! We affectionately call this “Tex-Mex sriracha” because of its rich texture, sweet red jalapenos and funky pickled red bell peppers, plus plenty of fresh garlic. Blended with smoky guajillo peppers, this Southwest sauce works well with all types of cuisines.  Try it on everything from tacos to burgers to banh mi.  

Ingredients: Aged chile paste (red jalapeños, fresh garlic, vinegar, guajillo peppers, kosher salt) vinegar, pickled red bell pepper, cane sugar

Shaquanda’s - Mx. Green Sass:

A vibrant verde sauce to brighten your day! Zesty citrus brings acidity while grassy herbs like cilantro and oregano mix with sweet banana to add layers of interest. With just a kiss of mild heat from serranos and jalapenos, Mx. Green Sass will have  you looking forward to warm-weather eats to come. Have it on salads, grain bowls, ceviches or any seafood dish.

Ingredients: Onions, distilled white vinegar, serrano peppers, jalapeno peppers, lime juice, banana, lemon, sea salt, sugar, mustard powder, cilantro, oregano

Small Axe Peppers - Habanero Mango:

This sweet and spicy sauce lends tropical vibes to whatever it touches! The fruity flavor of the habaneros is enhanced by mango, blood orange and tamarind for a chutney-style condiment that's great as a marinade for barbecuing or as a spicy spring roll dipping sauce. Made with peppers grown in community gardens around the country, it’s a sauce  you can feel great about. The habanero heat means it brings a bit more zing than the others in the pack.  

Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, habanero peppers, sugar, garlic, onion, mango puree, blood orange puree, tamarind paste, salt

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