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We partnered with the award-winning team behind Bravo’s Top Chef to commemorate the series’ landmark 20th season, creating a hot sauce line focused on the hero ingredients used by the best chefs in the world to create winning meals. Sauce up today to be the Top Chef in your kitchen!

Bravo’s Top Chef Hot Sauce Frequently Asked Questions

To celebrate the show’s landmark 20th season! Sure to be its biggest run yet, Bravo’s Top Chef Season 20 heats up the competition by bringing together Top Chef talent from around the globe.
To honor this Bravo's Top Chef first, the Bravo team asked us to create a hot sauce line that allows fans to have a taste of the show right in their own kitchens. We created three hot sauces that spotlight pantry-essential ingredients that your favorite chefs reach for consistently in order to build flavor: herbs, peppercorns and garlic.
Specially crafted with culinary enthusiasts in mind, these small-batch hot sauces will help you create winning dishes at home using quality ingredients with a healthy balance of flavor and heat.

You can purchase Bravo’s Top Chef sauces here at our heatonist.com online shop or in person at our hot sauce stores in Williamsburg, Brooklyn or Chelsea Market, Manhattan. Coming soon to ShopbyBravo.com!

Bravo’s Top Chef hot sauces are a limited-time collab, so get your sauces today to bring home a piece of the series!

We crafted these hot sauces with culinary enthusiasts in mind, so they have a perfect balance of heat that’s not overwhelming with bold flavor. The hot sauce flavors highlight pantry-essential ingredients with well-rounded flavor profiles: 

Our Herbs Hot Sauce is a vibrant mix of green herbs including parsley, cilantro and rosemary, blended with citrus and mild jalapeño chili pepper. 

Peppercorn Hot Sauce features a floral blend of bell pepper flavor, black pepper, Szechuan peppercorns, zingy ginger and fruity habanero for just-right heat. 

Lastly, our Garlic Hot Sauce is a rich, umami bomb with deep flavor from savory garlic and jalapeño peppers that finishes with the slow-building heat of ghost pepper powder.

These complex sauces feature mild to medium-hot heat profiles and are meant to be flavorful additions to any meal. Our Herbs Hot Sauce is the mildest, with easy going jalapeños. Peppercorn Hot Sauce features medium-heat habanero peppers and the slight tingle of Szechuan peppercorns, while Garlic Hot Sauce combines jalapeño and just a pinch of ghost pepper powder for slow-building burn. Enjoy exciting yet manageable hot pepper spice for home chefs and hot sauce lovers alike! 

We specifically developed these hot sauces with chefs and home chefs in mind, so they are designed to be versatile for use in every stage of cooking: marinating, layering flavors, coating, dressing and topping. The world is your oyster (speaking of - try Herbs Hot Sauce on oysters)! So get creative, experiment with flavors and enjoy. Here are some of our recommended pairings to get you started:

  • Herbs Hot Sauce - seafood, veggies, eggs, avocado toast and salads
  • Peppercorn Hot Sauce - tofu, beef, pork, and noodles
  • Garlic Hot Sauce - chicken, lamb, potatoes, and sandwiches

We had the honor of consulting with Bravo's Top Chef Season 12 winner Mei Lin during the recipe development process! Mei provided notes that helped us perfect the flavors of these hot sauces. 

Yes! All the Bravo’s Top Chef hot sauces are vegan and are made with all-natural ingredients and high-quality produce in small batches. 

Watch Bravo’s Top Chef World All-Stars every Thursday at 9/8c or catch up with all your favorite chefs anytime on Peacock.

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