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HEATONIST is a one-of-a-kind hot sauce company that was founded from a desire to make food more exciting and flavorful, one bite at a time! Building on a lifelong passion for spicy food, founder Noah Chaimberg set out to share his love for the best hot sauces with the world. While most of the hot sauce industry at that time was chasing extreme heat over flavor, Noah saw that smaller craft hot sauce makers throughout America and around the world were making hot sauce with unique tastes. 

Made with the highest quality ingredients - like farm fresh vegetables, organic habanero peppers and more - the small batch hot sauce makers had the perfect blend of heat and amazing flavor to tantalize the taste buds. In 2013, Noah began selling a curated collection of sauces from a push cart at Brooklyn markets and pop ups. All it took was one taste for people to fall in love! 

Since then, HEATONIST has grown to include a flagship tasting room in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, an outpost in Chelsea Market in Manhattan, the world’s most popular online destination for hot sauce with shipping available to many countries around the world, as well as availability in retailers nationwide. 

In addition to curating a selection of top rated hot sauces from makers around the world, HEATONIST dreams up its own one-of-a-kind recipes based on what’s hot in the global food scene and data from tens of thousands of customer sampling sessions each year. 

Stop by for a taste and remember to #stayspicy!

Learn more about founder Noah Chaimberg’s story here.

Our History

It starts with a humble pushcart

After sharing hot sauce with friends and coworkers, founder Noah Chaimberg starts sampling to the public at markets  across Brooklyn.

HEATONIST Brooklyn opens

The doors to the Brooklyn flagship tasting room open at 121 Wythe Ave for the first time on April 20th! Small batch makers arrive to celebrate, including Smoking Ed - the start of a very spicy friendship…

Beginning of a hot partnership

The Hot Ones team asks HEATONIST to help curate hot sauces for the show’s wing lineup, and the rest is history!

HEATONIST takes Manhattan

HEATONIST Outpost in Chelsea Market opens for the first time, welcoming locals and tourists alike with a sampling bar and curated selection of craft hot sauce.

Keith’s Hot Sauce is born

Try Guys member and Eat the Menu connoisseur Keith Habersberger enlists HEATONIST to create a branded hot sauce line based on his favorite foods.

Poirier’s Louisiana Style hits the scene

HEATONIST partners with UFC fan favorite Dustin Poirier to create a Louisiana-inspired hot sauce honoring Poirier’s Lafayette roots.

HEATONIST Hits Retail Stores

Hot Ones and HEATONIST hot sauces hit retail shelves in Walmart!

Secret Handshake Food Co is born

HEATONIST teams up with Joe Santagato and Greg Dybec to launch the world’s first Everything Bagel hot sauce.

HEATONIST partners with rock band Korn 

The rock legends work with Team HEAT to create a collab hot sauce featuring California flavors and roasted corn.

HEATONIST Hot Sauces Go National in Retail 

HEATONIST’s Hot Ones line hits shelves at retailers like Walmart, Target and more!

Guinness Names Pepper X Hottest Pepper 

Pepper X is found exclusively in HEATONIST’s Hot Ones The Last Dab and Smokin’ Ed’s sauces.

Hot Sauce Enters the Upside Down

HEATONIST teams up with Netflix and Stranger Things Hot Sauce is born!

HEATONIST’s Retail Reach Expands

Hot sauce lovers find HEATONIST sauces at their favorite grocery and specialty stores nationwide.

HEATONIST’s flagship tasting room and HEAT HQ is located at 121 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn NY 11249. Stop by HEATONIST Brooklyn or our HEATONIST Outpost in Chelsea Market for the ultimate hot sauce experience and to fall in love with one of our unique small batch hot sauces. 

Or browse hot sauces online to find your new favorite hot sauce. We ship our hot sauce boxes from warehouses across the U.S. to be able to get your order to you as quickly as possible. Questions about shipping? Check out our shipping FAQs or contact us!

Hot Ones started in 2015, when producer Chris Schoenberg and host Sean Evans came up with the crazy idea for an interview show where celebrities have to answer burning questions while eating increasingly spicy hot wings. 

Turns out the idea wasn’t so crazy, and the show with hot questions and even hotter wings quickly gained momentum! 

When the First We Feast team approached us later that same year, we never could have imagined how popular the show would become. All we knew is that we shared a love for high quality hot sauce and for thinking outside the box. The rest is history! 

We’ve partnered with the Hot Ones team to help source the best hot sauces from small batch makers for every Hot Ones lineup since. Want to learn more? Catch up on every Hot Ones episode, check out the hot sauces that have been on Hot Ones here, or browse Hot Ones hot sauces likeThe Classic, Los Calientes and The Last Dab. Already a fan and want to take the Hot Ones Challenge? Live the tradition with theHot Ones 10 Pack.

We’re currently packing up hot sauce orders same-day and shipments typically arrive in 3-5 business days within the United States! International shipment times differ, so we recommend putting together a cart and heading to the check out page to get an estimate. Learn more about international shipping here.

We ship hot sauce to Canada! Canadian Spice Lords are also able to sign up for our monthly Hot Ones Box subscription. We ship hot sauce to most countries, but check out our international shipping FAQs to learn more.

HEATONIST created The Last Dab in partnership with the Hot Ones team and Smokin’ Ed Currie (creator of infamous hot peppers like the Carolina Reaper and Pepper X) as the final hot wing sauce in the lineup. 

The Last Dab is the 10th and final hot sauce in the Hot Ones lineup, and it’s called The Last Dab because it’s tradition for Sean Evans and guests to add an extra dab to the final wing. Made with only hot peppers and vinegar, The Last Dab has gone through several iterations, including a Carolina Reaper Edition, The Last Dab XXX, The Last Dab: Apollo and now The Last Dab Xperience, made with 91% Pepper X! 

Our most potent Last Dab yet, it features Smokin’ Ed Currie’s Guinness World Record holding Pepper X in its fresh, dried and all-natural distillate forms. This hot sauce is truly a hot one! 

Looking for something more chill? We’ve also created Hot Ones’ line of mild hot sauces - The Classic, The Classic Garlic Fresno and The Classic Chili Maple - as well as their medium sauce line - Los Calientes Verde, Los Calientes Rojo, Los Calientes Barbacoa-  in partnership with the First We Feast team. 

We carry popular hot sauces from Hot Ones, Dustin Poirier, Try Guys’ Keith Habersberger's Chicken, Burger and Taco Sauces, Korn Here to Slayas well as craft hot sauce brands like Secret Aardvark, Bravado Spice Co, Torchbearer Sauces, Heartbeat Hot Sauce, and more! We only carry all natural hot sauces because we believe that hot sauce should be spicy food that goes on food - crazy right?

We often get asked, “what’s your best hot sauce?” Well, the answer to that is complicated - do you like sweet heat? Lots of garlic? Little spice or a lot of heat? Are you more of a jalapeno or a ghost pepper person? Are you looking for a pairing for pork? Seafood? Scrambled eggs? Pizza? Do you like to marinade and grill your wings or do you like them Buffalo-style? If there’s anything we’ve learned after nine years, it’s that taste is subjective! 

The great thing about carrying a collection of hot sauces as vast as ours (100+ at any given time) is we can find the perfect, flavorful sauce for everyone - whether you prefer sweet heat, savory notes or tangy & splashy! 

We carry a variety of different hot sauce recipes, packed with great flavor in every bottle. Visit our Brooklyn tasting bar, Chelsea Market Outpost, or chat with our sommeliers for hot sauce recommendations, to confirm heat level or for advice on hot sauce pairings, and let your inner hot sauce lover rejoice!

We carry hundreds of hot sauces from nearly as many passionate hot sauce makers from around the globe. The HEATONIST team works with those makers to create ideas for new, unique flavor profiles never before seen in the world of hot sauce, but always with a focus on quality. Because quality ingredients make food taste good. That’s what it’s all about!