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HEATONIST Hot Sauce Anniversary Collection

Every April 20th, we celebrate the anniversary of opening our flagship Brooklyn hot sauce shop and tasting room by creating a one-of-a-kind sauce highlighting special ingredients never used in hot sauce before.

Spotlight on this year's hot sauce

*in the contiguous US, applies automatically to orders with a HEATONIST 9th Anniversary Pack using code 9ANNIVERSARY while supplies last through 4/23/2024, doesn't apply to wholesale orders


On April 20, 2015, we opened the doors to our Brooklyn hot sauce store and tasting room for the first time with the goal of sharing the best, small-batch, all-natural hot sauces with the world.

This set of hot sauces celebrates the anniversary of that day when it all began.

Nine years later, we've opened another New York City hot sauce store, become the web's #1 destination for hot sauce and launched some of our proprietary hot sauces into grocery stores nationwide - so we have a lot to celebrate!

Even before opening our Brooklyn hot sauce shop (which is the date we use as our anniversary), HEATONIST Founder Noah Chaimberg was samping and selling small-batch favorites to spice lovers at night markets and food bazaars around Brooklyn. Our OG hot sauce sommelier, Noah's been slinging hot sauce since 2013!

Each of our anniversary hot sauces has been dreamt up by our HEAT HQ team and meticulously crafted by one of our small-batch hot sauce makers after months of development.

Hot Sauce Recipe Devleopment
We honor the anniversary of opening our Brooklyn hot sauce shop by creating a hot sauce unlike everything you've tasted before. Each sauce uses a special ingredient we've never seen highlighted in a hot sauce - whether it's Sichuan peppercorn hot sauce, Lion's Mane mushroom piri piri sauce, sauce with dulce seaweed or umeboshi plums.

How They're Made
Each sauce is made by hand in small batches by one of our passionate hot sauce makers. They're crafted with real, natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives or extracts.

A Focus On Flavorful Hot Sauces
Thanks to their ingredient focus and months of tasting and fine-tuning, our anniversary sauces are packed full of flavor and spice. They're complex, nuanced and feature heat from real chilis like habanero, ghost peppers, scotch bonnet peppers and more.

We dream up the ingredients, the heat level, the flavors and then partner with one of our small batch hot sauce makers, who bring it to life for production!

So far, we've partnered with:

  1. Dawson's Hot Sauce
  2. Queen Majesty (No. 2 had to be retired but check out its evolution, Cocoa Ghost)
  3. Butterfly Bakery of Vermont
  4. Heartbeat Hot Sauce
  5. Marshall's Haute Sauce
  6. Puckerbutt Pepper Company
  7. Angry Goat Pepper Co
  8. Chile Lengua De Fuego
  9. NEW! Adoboloco Hot Sauce

Of course we do! Try:

HEATONIST No. 1 Sichuan Ghost with stiry fry, noodles and broths

Cocoa Ghost (FKA HEATONIST No. 2 Charcoal Ghost) with pulled chicken or mushrooms, and tacos

HEATONIST No. 3 Pink Peppercorn Gin with Bloody Marys, salmon and steak

HEATONIST No. 4 Lion's Mane Piri Piri with grilled chicken, roasted potatoes and eggs

HEATONIST No. 5 Charred Chive Dulse with poke bowls, fried rice and shrimp

HEATONIST No. 6 Gooseberry, Sumac & Gentian with grilled kebabs, herby grain bowls, and roasted veggies

HEATONIST No. 7 Pomegranate, Pistachio & Lemon with fresh salads, falafel and cocktails

HEATONIST No. 8 Sapote Passionfruit with pork chops, curries and plantains

HEATONIST No. 9 ???? (stay tuned via SMS to find out) with sushi, teriyaki bowls, dumplings, omelets & more!


At HEATONIST, we don't use Scoville heat units (which are usually used for peppers). Spice is incredibly subjective - and relative! - so we use a 1-10 scale so you know how spicy each hot sauce is in relation to another.

HEATONIST No. 1 Sichuan Ghost: 9/10 (yes, we went hard with our first anniversary sauce)

Cocoa Ghost (FKA HEATONIST No. 2 Charcoal Ghost): 6/10

HEATONIST No. 3 Pink Peppercorn Gin: 4/10

HEATONIST No. 4 Lion's Mane Piri Piri: 5/10

HEATONIST No. 5 Charred Chive Dulse: 4/10

HEATONIST No. 6 Gooseberry, Sumac & Gentian: 3/10

HEATONIST No. 7 Pomegranate, Pistachio & Lemon: 3/10

HEATONIST No. 8 Sapote Passionfruit: 5/10

HEATONIST No. 9: Stay tuned via SMS to find out!