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Shop the best hot sauce gifts for spice lovers whether you’re getting a hot sauce gift pack for a friend, bringing a Hot Ones lineup pack to the party or just treating yourself to spice. We’ve curated a collection of hot sauce sets in a variety of flavor profiles to suit every taste.

Hot sauce gift sets for everyone on your list

From new hot sauce gift packs to the official Hot Ones hot sauces, to Dustin Poirier’s Louisiana Style Hot Sauce and Keith Habersberger’s hot sauces, to Here to Slay Hot Sauce by Korn, Bravo’s Top Chef hot sauces, to the new Stranger Things Hot Sauce Trio, this hot sauce gift guide is your one-stop-shop for the best spicy gifts.

Hot Ones Gifts

Shop all our Hot Ones gift packs, with hot sauces from the hit YouTube series featuring Sean Evans.

Hot Sauce Gifts With Guinness Record-Breaking Heat

Gift a piece of chili pepper history! Pepper X was crowned the kind of Mt. Scoville at 2.693 million Scoville Heat Units earlier this year,

Hot Sauce 2-Packs & Duos

The perfect size hot sauce gift sets for specific occasions and gift exchanges.


Spice up their whole year with a gift subscription or give them the flexibility of choosing their own hot sauce adventure with our digital e-gift card!


That depends who the hot sauce gift set if for! If you’re looking to go all-out, a Hot Ones 10 Pack is the ultimate hot sauce gift pack! It features the latest 10-sauce lineup from the Hot Ones show, tasting notes and tips all in our signature briefcase gift box.

Looking for a kid-friendly gift? Try a Hot Ones Jr. Trio. If you're shopping for someone with a specific fandom, be sure to check out our new Stranger Things Hot Sauce Gift Set (complete with custom gift box featuring a map of Hawkins), Keith’s Trio Pack and Poirier’s Louisiana Style Trio Packs, too! Rock music lovers will dig a Korn Here to Slay Hot Sauce 2-Pack or 3-Pack Hot Sauce Set.

For the home chef, Bravo's Top Chef Hot Sauce Trio gift set features pantry-essential ingredients blended with just-right spice for sauces that can be used in any step of cooking. And everyone will love an Everything Bagel Hot Sauce 2-Pack - the ultimate hot sauce gift for foodies and the person who has everything.

If you're shopping for Dad, check out our Father's Day Gift Guide for the best hot sauce for dads according to customer reviews!

All our hot sauce gift sets - 2-packs, 3-packs, Duo Packs, Trio Packs, and 10-packs - are packed in our custom HEATONIST gift boxes that are custom designed to keep your sauce safe and look good doing it (the Hot Ones 10 Pack has a custom Hot Ones box)!

All gift packs ship in plain outer package that’s more nondescript so they don’t ruin the surprise. Have more questions? Reach out

The Last Dab Apollo is our hottest hot sauce, made with Smokin’ Ed Currie’s latest frankenstinian pepper creation, The Apollo Pepper, in its fresh, dried and all-natural distillate forms. The Apollo Pepper has yet to be tested for Scoville Heat Units, but it’s a descendent of the Carolina Reaper pepper so you know it packs heat.

Equally intense and clocking in at 2.693 million Scoville units, The Last Dab Xperience is our newest Last Dab and is made with Guinness World Record's hottest pepper in the world, Pepper X. You can get both The Last Dab Apollo and Xperience in a new Hot Ones The Last Dab Trio gift set coming soon!

Check out more super hottest hot sauces here.

Here at HEATONIST, we carry hot sauces for all heat tolerances! We believe hot sauce should be food that goes on food, so all our sauces are meant to be flavorful and enjoyable. Check out our mildest sauces here, including Hot Ones Jr., a line of super-mild sauces just for kids. A Hot Ones Jr. Trio hot sauce gift pack makes a great giftable experience for small spice lovers!

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Of course! We'd love to help you pick out the perfect hot sauce gift for your friend, family member, coworker, you name it!

Chat with our sommelier team or email us at ilovehotsauce@heatonist.com and we’re happy to help. 

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