HEATONIST No. Seven Hot Sauce


HEATONIST No. Seven Hot Sauce

by Angry Goat Pepper Co


Hot Sauce Info

Lucky number seven! Celebrate the seventh anniversary of our Brooklyn shop opening with this one-of-a-kind hot sauce featuring ancient ingredients remixed in a modern way. The first taste is sour from tart pomegranate and lemon. Then subtle earthiness from beets and peppery caraway transitions into lingering nutty afternotes of pistachio and mild serrano heat. Pair HEATONIST No. Seven with old school classics like brisket or pork, or take it to a fresher place as a glaze for carrots or brussel sprouts, and as a dressing for grain bowls of all kinds. No. Seven was made with love by Jason Parker of Angry Goat Pepper Co, who learned to like beets through the process. If you’ve been beet wary in the past, No. Seven will warm you up to them (pun intended). You’ve never tried a hot sauce like this before!


Ingredients: Distilled vinegar, beets, red serrano pepper mash (peppers, vinegar), pomegranate juice, pistachio nuts, sea salt, caraway seeds, white pepper

Size: 5 fl oz

Tasting Notes

Heat 3 / 10
Fruit Medium
Garlic None
Sweet None
Smoke None
Salt Medium
Vinegar High


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