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The Last Dab: Xperience


The Last Dab: Xperience

by Hot Ones Hot Sauce


Hot Sauce Info

The Last Dab Xperience is the hottest sauce on Hot Ones. It's made with Pepper X, now officially the hottest pepper in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records, averaging 2,693,000 Scoville units! Our friend and world-class pepper scientist and farmer, Smokin’ Ed Currie, worked his magic to distill his infamous Pepper X chili down into a pure pepper concoction made from over 91% Pepper X in dried, fresh and all-natural distillate forms.

Day-one Hot Ones fans will know The Last Dab Xperience carries on a legacy that started in 2017 when Hot Ones first introduced The Last Dab. At the time it was the only Pepper X hot sauce ever made. Pepper X has a unique floral flavor that tempts you to go for more before igniting your taste buds. Just watch out for the famous Pepper X head rush! Go ahead, live the Hot Ones tradition... add an eXtra dab and enjoy the eXperience!

Ingredients: Pepper x pepper, distilled vinegar, pepper x pepper powder, pepper x pepper distillate

Size: 5oz

Tasting Notes

Heat 11 / 10
Fruit None
Garlic None
Sweet None
Smoke None
Salt Low
Vinegar Medium


  • Taxonomic Variation: Pepper X is a Capsicum chinense cultivar.
  • Years in Development: It took Smokin' Ed 10 years to develop Pepper X.
  • Scoville Heat Units: Pepper X officially averages 2.693 Million Scovilles according to lab tests. It has been named the hottest chili in the world by Guinness World Records.
  • Descendants: Pepper X is a grandparent of The Apollo Pepper Smokin' Ed most recently created.
  • Genetically Modified: No, Smokin' Ed crossbred Pepper X by cross-pollinating different types of pepper plants on his farm.
  • Originally Released: Pepper X was released in 2017, and with it came the very first hot sauce made with Pepper X - The Last Dab! 
  • Produced By: Pepper X is grown exclusively by Smokin' Ed on his farm in South Carolina.

Last Dab Xperience Pepper X Hot Sauce FAQs

The Last Dab hot sauce has been made with Pepper X since 2017! When it originally launched, The Last Dab was the first and only hot sauce made with Pepper X. Our good friend Smokin' Ed Currie (creator of the Carolina Reaper) debuted Pepper X at the same time, and the fun hasn't stopped. The Last Dab Xperience Now you can shop all our Pepper X hot sauces here.

Pepper X officially averages 2,693,000 Scoville heat units! Winthrop University in South Carolina conducted testing as of August 2023, and Guinness Book of World Records recognized the pepper as the hottest in the world as of October 2023.

Yes! Pepper X is officially the hottest pepper in the world according to Guinness World Records™, clocking in at 2.693 million Scoville units. That's over 400,000 Scoville units hotter than the Carolina Reaper, which was also created by Smokin' Ed Currie.

When we first launched The Last Dab, it was the only hot sauce made with Pepper X. Now, Hot Ones The Last Dab Xperience, Hot Ones Nugget Honey and Hot Ones The Classic Pepper X Edition are the only sauces in the world made with Pepper X outside of Smokin' Ed's Puckerbutt Pepper Company hot sauces.

Pepper X is a proprietary pepper grown only by our good friend Smokin' Ed Currie down in Fort Mill, South Carolina. He doesn't sell this mysterious chili, but you can buy Pepper X hot sauce from us - check out all our Pepper X hot sauces at the collection here!

The Last Dab Xperience is made with over 91% Pepper X. The Last Dab Xperience is made with Pepper X in fresh, dried and all-natural distillate forms, for a spice level that causes an out of body eXperience. The only other ingredient in this Pepper X hot sauce is vinegar, but the flavor is bright and somewhat fruity thanks to the natural taste of Pepper X!