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Umami Mild Hot Sauce


Umami Mild Hot Sauce

by Seed Ranch Flavor Co


Hot Sauce Info

One of the five basic tastes our mouths perceive, the elusive umami is a touch harder to create. Seed Ranch bottled the savory goodness using porcini mushrooms, capers, and kelp to create an earthy balance and salty finish. Toss this mild flavor bomb in a starter broth, slather it on a steak, or even marinate some root veggies in this sauce!

Ingredients: Soy sauce, water, olive oil, tomato paste, capers, dried olives, dried porcini mushroom, dried shiitake mushroom, seaweed, garlic, red miso, balsamic vinegar, chipotle, carrot, date, sesame oil, cumin

Size: 5 fl oz

Tasting Notes

Heat 1 / 10
Fruit None
Garlic Medium
Sweet High
Smoke Medium
Salt None
Vinegar Medium


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