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HEATONIST was founded from a desire to make food more exciting and flavorful, one plate at a time!

Building on a lifelong passion for spice, founder Noah Chaimberg set out to share his appreciation for the best hot sauce with the world. While the hot sauce industry was largely focused on chasing extreme heat, Noah realized smaller makers were creating craft hot sauces with unique tastes, great flavor, and high quality ingredients ranging from ghost pepper to aged cayenne peppers.

In 2013 Noah began selling a curated selection of his favorite hot sauce brands from a push cart at Brooklyn markets. All it took was one taste for people to fall in love!

Since then, HEATONIST has grown to include a flagship hot sauce store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and a hot sauce outpost in Chelsea Market in Manhattan. Along the way, heatonist.com became the world’s most popular online destination for every hot sauce lover!

In addition to curating a selection of the best hot sauces from around the world, the team at HEATONIST dreams up our own one-of-a-kind hot sauce recipes based on data from tens of thousands of customer tasting sessions each year.

Stop by for a taste and remember to #stayspicy!

Hot sauce should be made with love, not gums and extracts! We think of hot sauce as food that goes on our favorite food, so our sauces are made with the same care and attention that great chefs put into every dish they serve. We want you to be able to taste the awesome chili pepper and vinegar combo in each sauce and have the best hot sauce experience for every meal.

We work exclusively with small batch hot sauce makers, many of whom are just starting out in the industry! That means their sauces are made with love by hand in shared kitchens or co-packing spaces, versus mass-produced in factories like some of the grocery store brands (no hate on Tabasco sauce though!). It also makes it possible for them to use high quality, responsibly-sourced ingredients ranging from garlic, jalapeno, vinegar, habanero pepper, carrot, cilantro, and much more.

That depends on you! Looking for a starter sauce with easygoing heat? Check out our best mild hot sauces that pair well with everything from a hot dog or pulled pork. Looking for a scorching hot wing sauce? Shop the hottest hot sauces here. Goldilocks types can find our medium hot hot sauces here, for everything from tacos to chicken breast.

Looking for the ultimate way to put your spice tolerance and taste buds to the test? Check out the Season 24 Hot Ones Hot Sauce 10 Pack, a ten-wing lineup that takes you up Mt. Scoville, culminating in the hottest hot sauce in Hot Ones’ repertoire, The Last Dab: Xperience.

We partner with the Hot Ones team to source the best hot sauces from small batch makers for each season’s lineup! When the First We Feast team approached us way back in 2015, we never could have imagined how popular the show would become, but we knew we shared a love for high quality hot sauce and unique flavor. The rest is history! We’ve since created the lines of Hot Ones hot sauces, including Hot Ones The Classic, Hot Ones Los Calientes and Hot Ones The Last Dab, and are the official source for Hot Ones Packs like the Season 24 Hot Ones Hot Sauce 10 Pack.

The hottest sauce in our hot sauce collection is Hot Ones The Last Dab: Apollo! It features a new pepper bred by the notorious pepper scientist Smokin’ Ed Currie of the Puckerbutt Pepper Company called The Apollo Pepper, which is a descendant of one of his other infamous chilis: Pepper X. Smokin’ Ed estimates The Apollo clocks in well over 3 million Scoville heat units making it the world’s hottest pepper. The Last Dab: Apollo is the only hot sauce recipe in the world to use The Apollo Pepper.

The Last Dab Xperience is similarly spicy and made with Guinness World Records' hottest chili in the world - Pepper X.

You can visit us at one of our two NYC locations: our flagship hot sauce tasting room in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, or our tasting bar at our Chelsea Market Outpost. More locations coming soon!

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