Season 18 Hot Ones Lineup Revealed

Sean Evans Reveals Season 18 Hot Sauce Lineup Coating the Hot Ones Wings of Doom

Hot Ones Season 18 is here, and it may be our tastiest hot sauce lineup to date! Experience the Hot Ones tradition and grab your Hot Ones 10 Pack, buckle in, and let Hot Ones host Sean Evans introduce you to the latest hot sauces making celebrity guests stammer. This season’s hot sauce reveal features a combination of seasoned Hot Ones small-batch sauce makers and exciting newcomers to the Hot Ones fam, and marks the return of fan-favorite The Classic “Blue Label” as well as OG Los Calientes Verde and of course, The Last Dab: Apollo. Each sauce calls to mind a specific food culture focused on bold flavor, from Adoboloco’s Hawaiian Island Wings Sauce to Sauce Leopard’s Argentinian-inspired red chimichurri hot sauce. Dingo Sauce Co is back in the #9 spot with an insane super hot chili called a Moorestard Psycho… leave it to the Aussies to bring the heat! Season 18 promises to be full of flavor, a good deal of heat and more wild celebrity moments. But don’t take our word for it - here's host Sean Evans to introduce you to the Hot Ones Season 18 hot sauce lineup: 

What are the current Hot Ones sauces?

Hot Ones | The Classic: Garlic Fresno Edition

We like to switch it up around here and keep the #1 spot fresh, so the classic Classic is back for the first wing on Hot Ones Season 17! Our tangy take on iconic American hot sauce, The Classic's mild-mannered chile de arbol lures guests into a false sense of security with its mild spice and full flavor.

Scoville Heat Units: 1,700

Adoboloco | Island Wings Sauce 

From our friendly neighbors to the north at Dawson’s Hot Sauce, this pepper sauce is smoky, wood-y, peppery, and adds a hit of savory garlic to our second wing. We love it on a bagel with schmear, but it's also delectable on salmon or chicken. Habaneros make it pretty hot for a #2 hot sauce, so watch out now! 

Scoville Heat Units: 5,500 

 Burns & McCoy | Mezcaline

Inspired by the European travels, the hot sauce for wing #3 has sweetness from tomatoes and a dash of mushroom powder for an umami flavor kick. Calabrian chili flakes transport you to buona Italia. Also delicious on other Italian favorites, this is a great sauce for folks who are just getting into spicy food. 

Scoville Heat Units: 16,600 

Hot Ones | Los Calientes Verde

The sauce of summer is back! One of our most popular sauces, Los Calientes Verde brings bold flavor from tangy tomatillo, smoky serranos and a hint of cumin to the middle of the lineup. Goldilocks heat appeals to the pepperheads and the spice-noobs alike. 

Scoville Heat Units: 36,000 

Sauce Leopard | The Seventh Reaper 

Shaun of Sauce Leopard dreamed up this next sauce with Argentinian flavors in mind. Inspired by the lesser known red chimichurri, it’s packed full of savory, roasted red peppers, tomato and garlic-y goodness. Oh and just a couple of Carolina Reaper peppers - no big deal. 

Scoville Heat Units: 59,000 

Hot N Saucy | Collard N Ghost 

The name says it all - Chef Sam of Hot N Saucy is putting the soul in soul food with Collard N Ghost. Simple ingredients brought together with love make this sauce as satisfying as the best home cooked meal, just with 70,000 Scovilles to warm your bones.
Scoville Heat Units: 70,000

Halogi Hot Sauce | Tyrfing’s Curse

A Hot Ones first, ladies and gents - introducing our first South Dakotan sauce maker! You may end up cursing the Halogi name after this blend of habanero, ghost and Scorpion peppers hit your palate. But you’ll be grateful for the bright flavor of turmeric, citrus and ginger flavor.

Scoville Heat Units: 99,000

#8 Da Bomb | Evolution

At HEATONIST we only carry all-natural sauces from the best small-batch sauce makers, so we partnered up with the maker of Da Bomb to bring you the next evolution: super hot pepper heat meets delicious spices for a sauce that’s powerful and tastes good. Trust us, your tongue will thank you!  

Scoville Heat Units: 135,600 

#9 Dingo Sauce Co | Psycho Hot Sauce

Aussies like it hot! You may recognize Dingo Sauce from Season 11’s Widow Maker, and if you do, you know what kind of pain you’re in for. This blend of super-hot peppers including some of the world’s hottest, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers, make Psycho Hot Sauce hurt so good. 

Scoville Heat Units:  666,000 

#10 Hot Ones | The Last Dab: Apollo

You don’t have to if you don’t want to… but it’s tradition around here to add an extra dab to the final wing. Made with Smokin' Ed’s The Apollo Pepper in fresh, powdered and pure chili distillate forms, The Last Dab: Apollo is only for the brave. Be bold, live the tradition! 

Scoville Heat Units: 2,000,000+ 

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In Hot Ones Season 17, we saw our guests answer hot questions while tasting even spicier wings. Stars such as Josh Brolin, Leslie Mann, Sebastian Stan, Andrew Zimmern, Colin Farrell, and Tracee Ellis Ross experienced the fiery hot wing gauntlet doused with fiery sauces. Last season's hot sauce lineup brought the burn with Calabria Hot Sauce, Haus Sauce, Angry Goat, Phoenix Hot Sauce, from hot sauce makers such as Jekyll & Hyde, Yellowbird - Organic Hot Sauce, and more. These sauces featured aromatic ingredient lists such as black cocoa powder, pineapple juice, black pepper, tomato paste, shitake mushroom powder, tomato juice, white vinegar, agave nectar lime juice, ginger root, bell peppers, scotch bonnet, sun dried tomatoes, sweet onions, habanero peppers, garlic, hot chili peppers, and more. Get a look at the Hot Ones season 17 lineup and taste the heat!