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Hot Ones Hot Sauce 10 Pack - Season 18

$120.00 ($140 VALUE)

Hot Ones Hot Sauce 10 Pack - Season 18

by Hot Ones Hot Sauce

$120.00 ($140 VALUE)
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Spice Lords everywhere, rejoice! Now you can live the tradition with the full Hot Ones lineup in one pack. The ultimate hot sauce gift set, our 10-Pack briefcase box comes with everything you need to recreate the Hot Ones challenge at home (just add wings). The Hot Ones Season 18 lineup features some of our tastiest and most unique hot sauces to date, and also includes the return of fan-favorites Hot Ones The Classic “Blue Label”, Los Calientes Verde, and The Last Dab: Apollo. Featuring a branded gift box and accompanying tasting notes, this is the hot sauce gift pack every spice lover needs.

Included Sauces

#1 - The Classic Hot Sauce Garlic Fresno | Hot Ones Hot Sauce - 1,700 Scoville Heat Units Heat: 2 / 10 Ingredients: Fresno chile pepper, water, apple cider vinegar, garlic puree (garlic and water), vinegar, kosher salt, organic dried garlic, organic turmeric, organic black pepper Size: 5 fl oz

#2 - Island Wings Pineapple Cayenne Pepper Hot Sauce | Adoboloco - 5,500 Scoville Heat Units Heat: 2 / 10 Ingredients: Pineapple, chili pepper, red wine vinegar, honey, onion powder, nutritional yeast, sea salt, mustard seed powder, spices Size: 5 fl oz

#3 - Mezcaline | Burns and McCoy - 16,600 Scoville Heat Units Heat: 3 / 10 Ingredients: Fire roasted tomato (vine ripened tomatoes, tomato juice, salt, and citric acid), red jalapeño mash (jalapeño peppers, vinegar), water, orange habanero mash (habanero peppers, vinegar), garlic, onion, brown sugar, vinegar, mezcal, olive oil, salt, espresso, rose water, lime juice, cocoa powder, oregano, chocolate bhutlah pepper powder, chocolate ghost pepper powder, thyme, cinnamon Size: 5 fl oz

#4 - Los Calientes Verde | Hot Ones Hot Sauce - 36,000 Scoville Heat Units Heat: 5 / 10 Ingredients: Chiles (green serrano, applewood smoked  green serrano, orange habanero), apple cider, apricot (ascorbic acid added), apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, tomatillo, agave nectar, water, garlic, salt, toasted onion, cumin, culantro, black pepper, celery seed Size: 5 fl oz

#5 - The Seventh Reaper Hot Sauce | Sauce Leopard - 59,000 Scoville Heat Units Heat: 5 / 10 Ingredients: Distilled white vinegar, tomato puree, grapeseed oil, jalapenos, red wine vinegar, water, organic vegetable stock (water, vegetable puree (celery, carrot), vegetable juice concentrates (celery, onion, carrot), salt, tomato paste, red bell pepper, honey, parsley, garlic, white onion, green onion, lemon juice, cilantro, Carolina Reapers, salt, oregano, spices Size: 5 fl oz

#6 - Collards N Ghost Hot Sauce | Hot N Saucy - 70,000 Scoville Heat Units Heat: 6 / 10 Ingredients: Collard greens, ghost peppers, extra virgin olive oil, onion, apple cider vinegar, garlic, brown sugar, salt, water Size: 5 fl oz

#7 - Tyrfing’s Curse | Halogi Hot Sauce - 99,000 Scoville Heat Units Heat: 7 / 10 Ingredients: Yellow bell pepper, red onion, white wine vinegar, baby carrots, orange juice, apple cider vinegar, vinegar, water, ghost peppers, Scorpion Peppers, habanero pepper, garlic, ginger, spices, salt, cayenne pepper Size: 5 fl oz

#8 - Evolution Hot Sauce | Da Bomb - 135,000 Scoville Heat Units Heat: 8 / 10 Ingredients: Red hot chili peppers, water, vinegar, salt, spices (including paprika and turmeric), minced garlic, cane sugar, garlic powder, extra virgin olive oil, onion powder, lemon juice concentrate, cilantro, mint Size: 5 fl oz

#9 - Psycho Hot Sauce | Dingo Sauce Co - 666,000 Scoville Heat Units Heat: 9 / 10 Ingredients: Fresh chili peppers (Moorestard Psycho, Moruga Scorpion, Trinidad Scorpion, Carolina Reaper), water, apple cider vinegar, spices, garlic, salt, mustard Size: 5 fl oz

#10 - The Last Dab: Apollo | Hot Ones Hot Sauce - Scoville Heat Units TBA Heat: 10 / 10 Ingredients: The Apollo Pepper, Distilled Vinegar, The Apollo Pepper Powder, The Apollo Pepper Distillate Size: 5 fl oz

$120.00 ($140 VALUE)